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Laser Dermatology Sibiu

Dr. Bogdan Moscu:
Specialist in dermatology

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Laser treatments hold an ever more important place in the therapy of skin pathology.

These treatments are usually carried out under local anaesthesia. The anaesthesia is applied according to the size and location of the lesion; also, the individual pain threshold of the patient is taken into account. It can be achieved with anaesthetic creams or by infiltration of anaesthetics into the skin. Ice cubes may also be used for less painful interventions.

These procedures may only be applied to persons who have not been exposed to ultraviolet radiation (sun, solarium) for at least 3 weeks prior to the date of treatment.

For the removal of cutaneous lesions, the Er-YAG laser is employed, whereas for the treatment of vascular lesions and laser hair removal, the Nd-YAG laser is used.

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Fotona Laser ND-YAG and ER-YAG